Yellow Series

Here are some examples taken from the Yellow series, begun in 2000.  Architectural models are assimilated into sites that intensify or even exalt them: a site can be as simple as a platform or table that houses a model or it can be as complicated as a Parthenon-like structure that displays models as a frieze.

Like the Rose series this series is made of carefully crafted wood, heightened by a thick surface of a single color, this time the color is buttery yellow.

In the earlier Rose series architectural small models were situated within sites of appropriated furniture design. In this series architectural models are housed in larger installations that are completely of my own devise. Since some of the models were never originally taken beyond project status, and the real sites non-existent, I had free reign to create a new site without prejudice.

This series is about the transfer of structural ideas from the architectural to a sculpture.  As I reflect on the blueprints and photographs that I research, many decades have transpired since its original conception by the architect.  When I recreate models and simultaneously work out a new site plan - of my own devise - I am not in any way re-contextualizing architectural history.  No substantially new historical concepts about architecture will emerge or be suggested by these works.  I am simply sharing the elegance of the bygone modernist period with the viewer.

Perceptual engagement with these works will persuade the viewer of the sheer beauty of the original buildings.  Sites that I have endeavored to recreate in the form of sculptural installations are a tribute to them.



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